Legionella Risk Assessments

Legionella risk assessment remains the starting point for legionella control.

Therefore we provide legionella risk assessments in strict accordance with the Health and Safety Commission’s document on the control of Legionella bacteria in water systems An Approved Code of Practice & Guidance L8′ & HSG24 & BS 8580-1

Water Hygiene Monitoring and Control Regimes

The need for water hygiene is simple and our monitoring and control regimes will ensure that your water is safe and healthy.

• Weekly flushing of infrequent used outlets.

• Monthly hot and cold water temperatures.

• Monthly flow and return calorifier temperatures.

• Quarterly descale and disinfection of shower heads.

• Six monthly TMV servicing.

• Six monthly expansion vessel flush

• Six monthly water softener servicing.

• Six monthly inspection of cold water storage tanks.

• Annual calorifier blowdown and inspection.

• Annual descale/disinfection and service of TMV’s.

• Annual CWST clean & disinfection

• Annual Auditing

UKAS accredited Microbiological analysis of water samples

Brave Water provides water testing, analysis and sampling for a wide range of bacterias from all ranges of water systems including: drinking water, hot and cold domestic supply, cold water storage tanks, swimming pools and spa’s, closed systems and private water sources.

We can provide water sampling for the following:

• Legionella

• TVC (Total Viable Counts of Bacteria)

• E Coli

• Pseudomonas

• Airborne bacteria and fungal analysis



• Full inorganic and organic analysis suites

Brave Water recommend that routine microbiological sampling carried out to determine your water quality throughout the systems.

Chlorination Services

Brave Water offers a full range of chlorination services, including post-chlorination microbiological sampling, tested through an independent UKAS accredited laboratory:

• New builds

• Mains cold water lines

• Cold water storage tank

• Hot and cold water services pipework

All our services are inline with BS 8558:2011 & HSG 274 part 2 with same day Chlorination/Disinfection certificate.